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Mother's Day (14 May 2023), the busiest day for deliveries, is fast approaching
and we don't want you to miss out!  

Complete a flower bulk run from our business partner, Roses Only on Mother's Day (falling on Sunday, 14 May 2023) for guaranteed earnings between $141-$190 (excluding GST). 

We know that your Sherpa account isn't quite complete.
But don't worry, we'll fast track your application and get you ready, just in time for Mother's Day! 


Here's what you need to do: 

1. Register your interest via the email you received. 

2. Submit your Driver's License via WorkPro 


That's it, nothing else! 
Once you've uploaded your Driver's Licence, we'll ensure your account is approved as soon as possible. 


We'll reserve a Roses Only bulk run for you once your account is approved.
Keep an eye out for notifications from Setmore, a run-reserving platform to know more about your bulk run. 


Terms & Conditions 

  • This is a limited time promotion and is non-transferable. It is only intended for Sherpa Driver Partner applicants that have received an email on 28 Apr 2023.  
  • Your Sherpa Driver account will be unapproved after Mother's Day payments have been completed unless you provide the remainder of your valid documents (insurance, background checks and RSAT if applicable) at any time before or after 14 May 2023. 
  • Sherpa reserves the right to unapprove your account and/or withhold payments where Sherpa reasonably believes they have been made in error, there have been fraudulent circumstances or a violation of the Contractor Agreement. 
  • Terms are subject to change.
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