Roses Only Event Days: Mother's Day

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Hi there, thanks for accepting a run from Roses Only for Mother's Day 2024. 

For this event day, Roses Only runs are available from May 10-14, 2024. 


Please read the booking policy below: 


Pick up

Please pick up all items within 30 minutes of your scheduled pick up time. Failure to pick up within 30 minutes may result in a warning. 


Delivery areas: 

The delivery area listed on the Slot does not indicate specific suburbs or the distance to the last drop-off as we cannot guarantee it at this stage. We assure that your run will be routed efficiently and along the same direction.


Unassignment policy 

Unassigning your run within 2 hours of the Ready At time will affect your Unassignment rate. If you no longer wish to complete your Slot, please unassign the run as soon as possible. 


Return policy 

  • In the event, an item cannot be left unattended safely, it must be returned to the Sender the next day before 1pm in good condition.
  • You will be paid for one return job only, even if you have multiple items to return. This return price is calculated based on the distance between the Sender's warehouse and the further address away from the warehouse.



The minimum guaranteed earnings for your Slot is $150.80 (excl. GST). The maximum earning potential is $201.45 (Excl. GST). 


Cancellation policy 

  • If your Slot is cancelled by Sherpa within 12 hours of the Ready At time, you will receive $150 (excl. GST) as compensation. 
  • There will be no compensation if your Slot is cancelled more than 12 hours of the Ready At time. 


Sherpa reserves the right to withhold or deduct payments that it determines or believes to be fraudulent, illegal or in error, or in violation of the Contractor Agreement or the terms of this booking policy. 

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