Reasons for Delay in Account Approval

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 How long does the Sherpa Onboarding process take?

The Sherpa Onboarding process typically takes around ten business days. The duration can vary depending on how quickly you complete all the required steps.


Why does it take this long?

The process takes time because we receive a large number of driver sign-ups daily. We need to carefully verify all your documents and information to ensure everything is accurate and meets our requirements.


What should I do if my account isn't approved promptly?

If your account isn't approved right away, it might be because we need more information from you. We'll reach out to you via SMS or email to let you know what's needed, so please keep an eye on your messages.


Are there other reasons why my account might not be approved?

A: Yes, another reason could be that you're applying to drive in a city or area where Sherpa does not currently operate. You can find a list of all our operating locations in Australia on our website.

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