Is there any sort of Sherpa rewards system?

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Yes, there sure is!

The Everest Driver Loyalty Programme has been built to reward drivers for their hard work and great customer experience.

How It Works

Here's a quick breakdown of how the Everest Driver Loyalty Programme works:

  1. Earn points with each successful delivery! 
    For every successful delivery you complete in the Sherpa App, you earn points. Depending on where you're driving, the points awarded per delivery will vary - learn more.

  2. Deliver a great customer experience!
    In addition to your points earned, your driver rating, unassignment rate, and warnings will be considered when awarding a tier at the end of each 3-month period.

  3. Unlock your rewards and benefits! 
    Every 3-months, your points are tallied and a tier is awarded. You'll continue to enjoy your rewards and benefits until the end of the following 3-month period.


Everest Tiers and Requirements

Please check our page on tiers and requirements here

Track your Everest Progress In-App

View your climber stats from your Sherpa mobile or web app at any time. Until the program is fully integrated into our systems, your Everest stats will only be updated monthly.

Please do not reach out to Sherpa Support for a points update as they do not have visibility on this data.



For more information on the Everest Driver Loyalty Programme, please click here


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