Providing Proof of Insurance as a Sherpa Driver

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How to Provide Proof of Insurance as a Sherpa Driver

To meet Sherpa's insurance requirements, your proof of insurance must cover any property damages caused by your vehicle while providing courier services.


Required Insurance Coverage:

  • Third Party Property Insurance or Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance is needed.
  • Compulsory Third Party (CTP, green slip) Insurance is not sufficient as it only covers injuries or deaths caused by your vehicle.

Acceptable Proof of Insurance Documents:

  1. Third Party Property Vehicle Insurance Policy
  2. Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance Policy
  3. Public Liability Insurance Policy
  4. Rental Agreement
    • If you lease or rent your vehicle, provide a copy of the agreement that includes the insurance cover.
  5. Vehicle's Insurance Policy (if not in your name)
    • If you use a vehicle not in your name and not rented or leased, provide a copy of the insurance policy showing it covers drivers other than the primary policyholder.

Follow these guidelines to ensure you have the proper proof of insurance to meet Sherpa's requirements.

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