How do notifications work?

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Sherpa drivers receive push notifications on their phones to let them know when a job is available. It's a great way to know when a new delivery in your area is available, so be sure to jump online and accept it when you get the notification!


Notifications on available jobs are dependent on which level of Sherpa Everest Reward Programme you are. There are three levels of the Everest Programme - Summit, Altitude and Basecamp. You can read more about the Sherpa Everest Reward Programme here.

Depending on which level you are at, you receive job notifications at different times. Here's a quick breakdown:


Time Period Driver Eligibility
Radius (distance from pickup)
Immediately Summit 2km
1 min
2 mins
Summit 5km
Altitude 4km
Basecamp 2km
3 mins
Summit 10km
Altitude 7km
Basecamp 5km
4 mins All drivers 10km
5 mins All drivers in the metro area Unlimited


If another driver is closer than you are to the pick-up address accepts a job first, you will not receive the notification.


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