How do I know if a delivery contains a heavy item?

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If the following icon is displaying in the app, one or more of the items in this delivery weigh over 15kg.


 Before you accept this delivery, it is important to assess the following things first:

  1. Your personal fitness: what is your personal fitness level when it comes to lifting, pulling and pushing of items and delivery equipment?

  2. Would this delivery potentially put your health at risk? In doubt, never accept deliveries that could put your health and safety at risk

  3. Your delivery equipment: do you have the right trolley or other required mechanical equipment that is required to complete this delivery in a safe and sound manner?

  4. Your team: is this a one-person job or would this delivery require a multi-person approach?


If you do choose to accept heavy item deliveries, please ensure you are using a trolley to move items and practising safe lifting techniques:

• Plan and check you have a clear path
• Keep a wide base of support – feet shoulder-width apart
• Keep your back straight and your face forward
• Bend your knees (not your waist)
• Hold the load close to your body

If you do not wish to complete ‘Heavy Item’ jobs, simply, deselect the option in your daily checklist or delivery preferences, and you will not be shown these jobs.



Where the weight is in excess of 25kg per item, please contact support before proceeding.

It is advised that jobs which include items breaching this limit are cancelled to avoid risk to the driver and / or delivery equipment. Our support staff can advise what to do next and how we can compensate you. 

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