What delivery options are available?

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Multiple Delivery Types & Timeframes
Deliveries are presented within your app as coloured pins; these reflect the delivery type and timeframe for a particular job. Deliveries can be broadcasted individually, or grouped with others in a ‘Run’.


Sherpas can accept multiple deliveries at a time depending on what type of deliveries they are. Different weights are associated to the types of deliveries.

Restrictions are as follows:

  • 1 hour job weight = 5 (Maximum of 2 jobs at once)
  • 2 hour job weight = 3 (Maximum of 3 jobs at once)
  • 4 hour job weight = 2 (Maximum of 5 jobs at once)
  • SDD job weight = 1.4 (Maximum of 7 jobs at once)
  • VSDD job weight = 1.4 (Maximum of 7 jobs at once)
  • Bulk Run job weight = 1 (Maximum of 10 jobs at once)
  • Runs weight = Half of the total delivery weight sum

Default driver weight capacity = 10

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