Vehicle Insurance Renewal Process with Sherpa

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To drive with Sherpa, it's essential to have valid insurance for the vehicle you use on our platform. Here's how you can update your insurance details:


1. Access WorkPro:

Go to the Sherpa WorkPro platform using this link: WorkPro Login.


2. Log In:

Use your credentials to log into your WorkPro account.


3. Update Insurance Details:

Once logged in, navigate to the section where you can update personal information or documents.

Look for the option to update insurance details.

Upload a copy of your renewed insurance policy or enter the updated information as required.


4. Submit:

After updating your insurance details, submit the changes through the platform.


5. Confirmation:

You should receive confirmation once your updated insurance information has been reviewed and approved.


Updating your insurance details promptly ensures compliance with Sherpa's requirements, allowing you to continue driving on our platform safely and legally.

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