Before accepting a delivery, what do I need to consider?

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The main benefit about working with Sherpa is the flexibility the platform brings. You can jump online and accept a few deliveries during the day while the kids are at school, or make it your full-time gig!

Although the work hours are flexible, there are some considerations we request you make before accepting a delivery with Sherpa. Here's a quick overview of some of these:

  • Can I complete this delivery within the stated timeframe?
  • If I need to complete a return for this delivery, do I have the time to do so?
  • Have I dressed appropriately for Sherpa deliveries?
  • Do I have the required equipment for this delivery?
  • If this delivery indicates a heavy item, am I capable of delivering it?
  • If this delivery indicates it contains alcohol, am I happy to deliver it?


We recommend reading over all the details of the delivery before accepting it. If you have accepted a delivery and can no longer execute it, please contact Sherpa Support as soon as possible.

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