How do bulk runs work?

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What is a bulk run?

A bulk run is a run of same-day deliveries from one business that are ready at the same time from the same pickup location. 

How is the run price calculated?
The run price for the driver is determined based on the number of drops for the run. Bulk runs are a great way to earn more with Sherpa!

Pick Up Window

All bulk runs are advertised with a 60 minutes pick up window. All jobs must be picked up within the delivery window once you've accepted the run. Runs that are not picked up within the pickup window may be unassigned from you and given to another Sherpa driver, so be sure to pick up the run on time.

What happens if I need to return a delivery?

If for any reason you need to return one or more of the deliveries within a bulk run, you will be paid for one return delivery per run. This is the case even if there are multiple return deliveries. The reason for this is due to you only having to return the orders to the same pick up location. The price of the return fee is determined based on the to the furthest delivery location in the run (distance in kilometres).

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