Can I Reactivate My Sherpa Account After Deactivation Due to Warnings?

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What is Sherpa's stance on driver and delivery quality standards?

Sherpa is dedicated to maintaining high driver and delivery quality standards. Any driver who breaches the Sherpa quality standard will receive a warning, and may even be blacklisted from accepting new deliveries.


Does Sherpa use a warning system?

Sherpa enforces a 3-grade warning system for drivers. One Grade 1 warning (related to unethical conduct) or three Grade 2 or 3 warnings (related to professional or delivery misconduct) will result in the driver's account being blacklisted from accepting new jobs.


Can a driver be permanently deactivated from Sherpa?

Yes, in certain circumstances or after repeat offences, a driver may be permanently deactivated from the Sherpa platform.

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