I want to change my profile picture. How do I do that?

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Is your old Sherpa profile picture outdated? Don't panic - we've got you covered.

To update your profile picture, please submit a ticket to our Help Centre along with an attached image you'd like it updated to. Our Sherpa Support team will be able to update it for you in a manner of hours. 

When updating your profile picture, remember the below image requirements to help you get it right:

  • Make sure there is only you in the picture

  • The picture clearly shows your face (no sunnies or hats)

  • Use a neutral or smiling expression (no duck face, raised eyebrows or crazy eyes)

  • No smoking, drinking nor eating in the picture

Please use a neutral, professional picture, similar to what you would have on LinkedIn. It's important that recipients and customers are able to identify you from your profile image.

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