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With the continually developing COVID-19 coronavirus situation, the health and safety of our customers, drivers, team and the wider community is our top priority.

At Level Three and above, Sherpa utilises Contactless Delivery to abide by the social distancing regulations set forth by the Department of Health.

Most deliveries will now appear with the authority to leave unattended. The new process will follow these steps:

All Deliveries (including alcohol)

Deliveries will no longer require a signature from the recipient. 

  • When you arrive at the delivery location, knock on the door, place items on the floor and step back at least 2 meters

  • When the recipient opens the door, advise them that this is a "Contactless Delivery". Request the recipient's name and relation (if applicable) and submit the information in the Sherpa driver app.


Deliveries Requiring an ID Check

Do not handle the ID unnecessarily. Ask the recipient to place the ID on the ground in front of you, have them step back so you can move forward to check the ID while still socially distancing.

No One is Available to Receive the Delivery

  • If the recipient doesn't answer, call them on the number provided

  • If there is no answer, and the 'Authority To Leave' flag is shown then place the item in a safe place and take a photo as proof of delivery

  • If there is no safe place to leave the item, log a return delivery


The driver app will prompt you along every step of the way with procedures for safe handling and delivery. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Service team through the live chat feature.

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