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An update: 

The Sherpa Booster Program will be temporarily halted, with the final concluding on 28 January 2024. We appreciate your understanding during this transition. 


Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the Sherpa Booster Program.

1. Why didn't I receive a Booster Payment?

Check your eligibility using the Booster Eligibility checklist:

Booster Eligibility Check List

A. Was your total weekly** earning less than the Booster Guarantee in your pick up city?

** A week starts at 00:00 (12am) Monday to Sunday 23:59 (11:59pm)


B. Did you meet the weekly eligible jobs quota for your city?


Eligible jobs:

  •  1 hour2 hour, 4 hour, Same Day and Ad Hoc Runs. (Bulk runs not included).

  • Return deliveries and redeliveries will be included in the jobs quota (provided it's not a bulk run).
  • Cancelled jobs do not count towards the job count quota.
  • Not a special event run .i.e. Mother's Day and Valentine's Day pre-assigned runs

C. Is your late rate under 5%?

If you answered yes to Questions A, B and C, you could be eligible for the Booster Payment*.
If you answered no to Questions A, B or C, you are not eligible for the Booster Payment.

2. Why haven't I received my Booster Payment?

The Booster Payment will be processed up to 2 weeks following the end of the completed week. If you qualify for the Booster, an email will be issued the Friday after the completed week (Week 2) to confirm the Booster Payment Amount.


3. Do I get the Booster Payment if I have completed more than the weekly eligible jobs quota and earned more than the Booster Guarantee?

The Booster Program is designed to help boost driver earnings when the total weekly earning is under the Booster Guarantee threshold. When your total weekly earning is over the Booster Guarantee, the Booster Payment will be inapplicable, however, you can keep on earning!

4. I work in multiple cities within the same state, do the jobs I pickup count towards my weekly Booster Job quota?

Eligible job quotas will be counted per a city group:
Sydney - jobs picked up in Sydney only (This excludes Wollongong and Gosford)
Melbourne/Geelong - jobs picked up in Melbourne or Geelong
South East Queensland - jobs picked up Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast (This excludes Ballina)

For example: 

If a driver completed:
  5 eligible jobs picked up in the Sunshine Coast
+50 eligible jobs picked up in Brisbane
+10 eligible jobs picked up in the Gold Coast 
65 jobs will be counted towards the quota

Please always follow the local health regulations when travelling between different LGAs.

5. Can I do more jobs than the weekly Booster quota?

Of course! You keep the earnings for the jobs you complete*.
The Booster Payment will be inapplicable if the weekly total earning exceeds the Booster Guarantee. 

6. Do Ad-hoc runs count towards the Booster eligible job quota?

Yes, in fact we count the number of completed jobs bundled in the run. The number of deliveries in an Ad-hoc run (Teal pins) will count towards the eligible job count quota*.
NoteBulk runs (purple pins) do not count.


 7. Why is the Booster Guarantee and quota different for each city?

The Booster Guarantee and quotas are different for each city because it takes into consideration the volume available in each city, time and distance required to complete jobs.

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