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What is RSAT and do I need it?

RSAT stand for Responsible Service of Alcohol Training and is mandatory to be completed by 1 Dec 2021 by anyone that wants to work in Same Day alcohol deliveries in NSW.

If you haven't completed your RSAT certification by 1 Dec, you will no longer have access to Same Day alcohol deliveries in NSW


Are there any alcohol deliveries exempted from RSAT?

Same Day means that the customer purchased the alcohol on the same day that the delivery is booked for. Any alcohol deliveries that are scheduled one or more days in advance are excluded from RSAT. 

Gift hamper deliveries that contain less than 1.5 litres of alcohol are also excluded form RSAT certification requirements. 

Deliveries to licensed venues are also excepted from RSAT

RSAT also applies only to deliveries In NSW. 


I already have RSA, do I also need to do RSAT?


RSAT is a separate course to the RSA and is mandatory for anyone making same day alcohol deliveries to the public in NSW. While an RSA qualifies you to sell, serve or supply alcohol in NSW, the RSAT certification qualifies you make same day alcohol deliveries to retail customers in NSW.

How do I get RSAT certified?

You can complete the training via TAFE, but there is a cost associated to this. But you can complete the RSAT training via your Sherpa app for FREE and save $10! 

NOTE: the Sherpa App training will be available soon and will be automatically added to your account.


After you complete the training, you need to complete the assessment/exam! If you don't complete the exam, you're not certified. You can complete the exam only via TAFE via this link


What are the costs of getting RSAT certified?

If you complete the training + exam via TAFE, the cost are $25. If you complete the training via Sherpa and only do the exam via TAFE, the cost is $15. So Sherpa saves you $10!

I read somewhere that Sherpa is doing Everest Program bonus campaigns? How do I apply for this?

If you complete your RSAT training via Sherpa and pass the exam before a certain date, you may qualify for additional benefits. More information, see the weekly Llama Letter sent to your Sherpa account email address.


Is the RSAT certificate only valid for Sherpa? Or can I use it for other delivery providers too?

RSAT is not specific to Sherpa, RSAT will be mandatory for any provider making same day alcohol deliveries to the public in NSW. If you work with other delivery providers, you can use your RSAT certificate for them too!


I did my RSAT somewhere else, do I need to do the training again?

No, in that case you can just add your valid RSAT certificate ID to your driver profile. 

I live in a border area, like Albury-Wodonga, Fyshwick-Queanbeyan or Tweed Heads. Do I need to get RSAT too?

RSAT applies to all deliveries with a drop-off address in NSW. So even if the pick-up is still in ACT, VIC or QLD, if the delivery is in NSW it means it can only be completed by RSAT certified drivers from 1 Dec 2021.

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