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Where do I find my Future Jobs?

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Future Jobs are jobs that are ready to be completed later today or even tomorrow. They're a great way to earn more with Sherpa, and plan out your working days.

Here's where you can find the Future Jobs you have accepted:


  1. In the Sherpa driver app, go to the My Jobs view.
    You will now see two tabs: Now and Later.


    • Now - jobs that are ready for pick up now.
    • Later - jobs that will be ready for pick up later today or tomorrow.

  2. To view future jobs that you've accepted, click on the 'Later' tab. This view displays jobs grouped by later today and tomorrow.


  3. You will see the status as "Not Ready" because these jobs are not ready for pick up yet.


  4. The only action you can perform on this job is to unassign the delivery from yourself if you are no longer available to do it.

If you are no longer able to complete a Future Job that is assigned to you, please read here on how to unassign the delivery.


Should you need further assistance, please contact Sherpa Support via phone or Live Chat in the driver app.

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