How do I view and accept Future Jobs?

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Future Jobs are a great way to earn more with Sherpa while planning out your flexible working hours. Here's how you can see what Future Jobs are available in your area:


  1. In the Find Jobs view, click on the down arrow to view the time selection menu.


  2. Here are the options you will see:
    • Now - jobs that are ready for pick up now.
    • Later Today - jobs that will be ready for pick up later today (7pm to midnight).
    • Tomorrow - jobs that will be ready for pick up tomorrow (up to 9am).


  3. Selecting "Tomorrow", for example, will display all jobs that are scheduled for tomorrow morning. 

  4. As you would with immediate jobs, select a job to view its details and click on "Accept Job" if you're sure you will be available to fulfil it.


  5. If you no longer want to see this informational popup, select "Don't show me this message again" and click on the button.


  6. This job will now appear in your My Jobs view.


Should you need further assistance, please contact Sherpa Support via Live Chat through your driver app, or via phone.

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