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Deliveries that have a pick-up or delivery location in the CBD face more challenges for drivers than deliveries in more suburban areas. Most notably regarding traffic and parking, but also high rise buildings and their corresponding building security measures take extra time for items to get delivered.

That is why Sherpa charges a CBD surcharge for deliveries that either have a pick-up or drop-off location in the postcodes areas: 2000, 3000, 4000 and 6000.


All delivery windows, except Bulk Runs

There is a maximum of one CBD surcharge per delivery. If both the pick-up and drop-off location are in the CBD, the CBD surcharge will only be charged once.

Deliveries ready after 1 PM in their respective time zone (AEST, AWST, ACST, LHST) will receive a double CBD surcharge than deliveries with a ready at time before 1 PM.


Bulk Runs

CBD surcharges are capped on 10 CBD deliveries. For example, you accept a 15 drop Bulk Run where all stops are in the CBD, your driver app will show that the first 10 deliveries have a higher drop rate than the remaining 5, this is caused by the cap on CBD surcharges for a maximum of 10 deliveries per run.

The remaining 5 drop rates will be cheaper, as the won't have the CBD surcharge applied to them.

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