Sherpa Daily Rewards - Terms and Conditions

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Earn more with Sherpa this Christmas with our Daily Dividends!


For every day you complete 10 deliveries between 10 am and 5 pm in either Melbourne City or Perth, Sherpa will pay you an additional $25!

Terms and Conditions

This promotional offer is valid between the 6th December 2021 and the 24th December 2021.

To be eligible for this daily prize, Sherpa drivers must (i) 10 deliveries between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm (ii) complete these deliveries in Melbourne City or Perth, and (iii) have a Driver Late Rate of 5% or lower. 

Drivers can be eligible for this prize once a day, seven days per week between the dates of the 6th December 2021 and 24th December 2021 inclusive. 

From 20th December 2021 to 24th December 2021, drivers can be eligible for the $25 multiple times day.

The promotional reward is $25 Australian Dollars, including GST.


Any payment due will be added to your account when you complete the required trips and payouts will follow the standard Sherpa process of weekly payments. Each completed delivery in an eligible city counts as one delivery towards your minimum requirement. Cancelled deliveries, Hourly Bulk deliveries and returns do not count towards the minimum required deliveries. This offer is only valid for those who received it via targeted communications by Sherpa (via an email, an ad, a web page, or a unique referral link) and meet the eligibility requirements. Sherpa reserves the right to withhold or deduct payments that it determines or believes were fraudulent, illegal, in error, or in violation of the driver terms or these terms. Offer and terms are subject to change.

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