Driver Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance FAQ

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To better protect Sherpa Contractors (hereafter referred to as you) whilst operating on behalf of Sherpa, a complimentary personal accident policy has been provided to cover for a range of circumstances if you were to be injured whilst completing a Sherpa job.

1. What am I covered for under this Insurance?
Sherpa has arranged a policy, which will cover you in the case of injury whilst working on behalf of Sherpa. This includes cover for loss of revenue, which you derive from Sherpa whilst unable to work due to the injuries sustained as well as certain lump sum benefits for a range of injuries and expenses as detailed in Table of Events.

2. Who is covered under the policy?
All Sherpa Contractors and their registered sub-contractors whilst working on behalf of Sherpa in Australia.

3. When and where will I be covered?
As a Sherpa Contractor you are covered by our insurance whenever you’re operating at a Sherpa delivery. This also includes a level of coverage whilst travel to and from a job booked via Sherpa.

4. When does this cover apply from?
Cover is in place for any incidents that occur from 4pm on the 10th February 2022.

5. What should I do in the event of an accident while on a Sherpa job?
– Call 000 for the emergency services if you need to.
– Once it’s safe to do so, contact the Sherpa support team and provide details of the incident and the team will assist you with next steps. Please provide the location, the time and take pictures of any damage caused.
– Please remember, if involved in a motor accident with another person who is also involved in the incident, exchange details and take note of their name, address and vehicle registration number (if available).

6. What’s the next steps to make a claim?

  • Contact our Support Team. We will ask you some further details and ask you to complete a claim form and provide contact details to our insurance brokers Marsh.
    • Collect your documents (medical certificates are required!)
    • Download the 'Claims Form' from the bottom at the page & fill it out
  • Once you have completed the claim form and supplied the appropriate information, Marsh will be in touch and work with the insurer on completing your claim.

7. When do I need to lodge a claim by?
If you have been involved in an incident and wish to claim on the insurance you must contact us and lodge a claim within 30 days after the incident occurred, unless the injuries sustained prevent the driver to reasonably lodge a claim within in that timeframe.

8. Is there an excess to pay when I make a claim?
No, there is no excess to pay when you make a claim. You have no additional costs involved to claim on this insurance policy.

9. What are the full details of the personal accident policy?

For a full overview of the insurance policy, please download the 'Sherpa Pty Ltd group accident policy schedule as at 10.02.2022'  below.


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