Reserving runs through Setmore

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At this stage, this feature is only available to Driver Partners in selected cities. 


We are trialing a new feature that allows you to reserve runs in advance! 

During the trail phase, these runs will be available through a scheduling application, Setmore. 


Here's how you can book a run(s) for yourself: 

  1. To start the booking process, visit

           Make sure to read and agree to the booking policy as shown below:


    2. Once you've agreed to the booking policy, you can choose which runs you wish to complete       

        Morning run: pick up at 11am (or)

        Afternoon run: pick up at 2:15pm




3. Once you've chosen your preferred pick up time, you will need to choose your provider. Choose Sherpa. 




4. You will be directed to a calendar. Please select the days on which you can complete these runs. 



5. Once you have selected the days, you will need to login for registration. 


6. Please double check to ensure that all details are correct. 


  • Please read and and agree to the cancellation policy. 
  • We strongly recommend choosing to receive a reminder. 

     Click on "Book" to confirm your runs. 


7. You will receive a confirmation message on the screen as follows: 


8. If you have subscribed to receiving reminders, you will receive the following communications via email and SMS: 



Unassigning/cancelling a reserved run 


1. To unassign/cancel a reserved run, login to your Setmore account.

2. Click on your name on the right hand corner. Choose "My profile" from the drop-down menu. 



3. Choose "Appointments" 


4. Click on the day you wish to cancel and follow the prompts to unassign/cancel the run.





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