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Alcohol delivery laws and regulations differ from state to state. Not only do we operate on regulations implemented by each state government, but also the requirements of our key clients and their own compliance policies.


Your Role
Whilst we provide the tools and education for driver partners to be aware of what’s required in each state, it is up to you as an individual contractor to be aware of the laws and regulations in the state you’re operating in. This can include, but is not limited to, RSA certification and requirements of checking ID.


The Sherpa app has been designed to provide the appropriate process for each state, so you can follow the prompts to successfully complete alcohol deliveries in a compliant format. Failure to do so will result in losing the ability to accept and complete alcohol jobs.


We're Always Watching...
Sherpa conducts internal audits of deliveries as well as compliance mystery shops from Endeavor Group and Retail Drinks Australia. In states where ID checks are mandatory (specified or non-specified recipient) regardless of how old a customer looks in age and a mystery shop report identifies that you only asked for a recipient’s DOB and not their ID, additional warnings will be issued. Mystery shops are also conducted in states where ID checks are not necessarily mandatory, but if a customer "looks under 25" and you fail to ask for ID, then you'll be penalised. Remember, these procedures and checks are in place to keep people safe and prevent minors accessing alcohol.


Current states that require mandatory ID checks: NSW, VIC, SA, WA.

Current states that use ID25: QLD, TAS, ACT.


Mandatory ID checks = Regardless of how old the customer looks, you MUST check their ID. In some states this can include “specified recipient” which means only the person who placed the order can receive the order.

ID25 = If a customer looks 25 and/or under, you are required to ask for their ID. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry!


State Legislation Links
New South Wales: 


South Australia:




Western Australia:







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