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What is RSA and do I need it?

RSA stands for Responsible Service of Alcohol and became mandatory on 1 Feb 2022 for anyone that wants to accept and complete Same Day alcohol deliveries in WA.


Are there any alcohol deliveries exempted from RSA?

Same Day means that the customer purchased the alcohol on the same day that the delivery is booked for. Any alcohol deliveries that are scheduled one or more days in advance are excluded from RSA.


I already have RSA from a different state, do I have to do the course again?

It depends on the certificate and if there's an expiration date that's relevant. You are able to submit your RSA for verification.

The most common RSA that's recognised nationally (besides in NSW) is coded SITHFAB201, there are of course other RSA compliant certificates that are acceptable.

How do I get RSA certified?

You can complete the RSA course from a training organisation that's been approved by the WA government.


Is the RSA certificate only valid for Sherpa? Or can I use it for other delivery providers too?

RSA is not specific to Sherpa, RSA is mandatory for any provider making same day alcohol deliveries to the public in WA. If you work with other delivery providers, you can use your RSA certificate for them too!

I live in a border area, do I still need to get RSA?

RSA applies to all deliveries with a drop-off address in WA. So even if the pick-up is still in SA or the NT, if the delivery is in WA it means it can only be completed by RSA certified drivers from 1 Feb 2022.

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