International Drivers Licences

Can I drive on an international drivers licence?

You are able to sign up as a driver partner and begin delivering with Sherpa on an international drivers licence, however this is not a permanent document and will need to be updated.


Is it the same laws all around Australia?

All states and territories in Australia require permanent residents and overseas visitors to update their licence to their state of settlement after a certain period of time. These time periods differ from state-to-state.


How am I impacted?

If you have uploaded an international drivers licence to WorkPro, you will have the following amount of time to provide a local licence:

  • New driver partners will have almost the full amount of time granted by the state to update their WorkPro with an International Licence. 14 days out from the cut off time you will receive an email reminder to provide a local licence.
  • Returning for re-approval driver partners who have initially uploaded an international drivers licence will have 14 days to upload a local licence.

For both first time approval and reapproval driver partners, if a local licence hasn't been uploaded after the 14 day reminder you will be unapproved and unable to complete deliveries with Sherpa.



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Western Australia
South Australia 
Australian Capital Territory


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