What do I do if the recipient is intoxicated?

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Under the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA), it is illegal to provide alcohol to an already intoxicated person. This law applies to Sherpa drivers delivering alcohol to recipients, and therefore it is your responsibility to check for intoxication.

If you arrive and the person is noticeably intoxicated or you suspect intoxication, then you must under no circumstances leave the alcohol.

In this instance, politely refuse to deliver the order, say you are required by law to return the alcohol to the store and log a paid return delivery back to the store. 

Possible Signs of IntoxicationScreen_Shot_2022-02-21_at_3.33.45_pm.png

Source: NSW RSAT course handbook

How Do I Refuse Delivery?
We must refuse service to any person:

  • Who looks under 25 and cannot provide ID
  • Whom we suspect is accepting liquor for a minor
  • Who appears to be intoxicated or disorderly

What to say?
I’m sorry, under RSA law, I cannot leave these products with you. Please speak with the store you ordered the items from to arrange a refund or re-delivery at a later date.

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