Can other people help with my deliveries?

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The short answer is YES, but only behind the scenes. Examples of this are as your driver, or loading and unloading of items. Otherwise they need to obtain their own Sherpa account. As per our Software Terms of Service you can only use your Sherpa account yourself and are not allowed to share your password with someone else.

For quality purposes and to comply with RSA regulations, all drivers must have their own approved account.

Can I do deliveries with a friend/partner?
As long as you respect the above mentioned rules, you can have a friend/partner help you with the deliveries (helping you loading items onto your vehicle or be the driver) but if they are working on your behalf, it may lead to permanent deactivation of your account. 

When you are assigned a delivery, we require you to be the person interacting with the client/sender, recipient or the Sherpa support team.

Can I do deliveries with my child(ren) present?
We advise against bringing your child(ren) with you. But if you must, please remember these:
1. Minors (under 18 years of age) should not help you with providing delivery services.
2. The minor must not be visible to the senders (such as store members) or recipients. 
3. If the pick up location is a licensed venue, you might be denied service based on this.
You will not be compensated for this.

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