What are the requirements for driving with Sherpa?

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If you have reliable transportation and an iPhone or Android phone you can start completing deliveries with Sherpa!

Our Driver requirements are set to ensure you're able to complete deliveries to the standard expected both of Sherpa and our customers. Here's a quick breakdown of the requirements to drive with Sherpa:

  • An active ABN (Australian Business Number) 
  • Over the age of 18 years old
  • P1 Australian driver license or above (or International equivalent)
  • Own an Android or iPhone
  • Have a reliable vehicle (either a motorbike, car, or van)
  • Valid registration / insurance on your vehicle
  • Be able to understand and speak English
  • A clean Australian Police Check that is less than 12 months old and includes the industry as ‘Transport’ on the Check
  • Legally permitted to work in Australia


If you meet all these criteria, you can sign up to drive with Sherpa! Here's a quick overview of the Sherpa Onboarding Process:

  • Register via the Sherpa Website or Driver App, by following the prompts and entering your details

  • Once you click register, you'll receive a confirmation link in your inbox which prompts you to log in to your account on the desktop.

  • Fill out your profile. This includes:
      • Uploading a profile picture
      • Adding your bank account details
      • Noting your ABN 

  • Read and accept the Contractor Agreement.
  • Read the Onboarding Manual to prepare for the Onboarding Quiz. 
  • Complete the Onboarding Quiz based on the information provided within the Onboarding Manual. Please note to achieve a passing score you must reach a score of 90% or above to move to the next step.

  • Upload a short video where you will answer a few basic questions as prompted. Once completed click submit, and your video will then be reviewed by our Sherpa Support team.

  • Create a WorkPro Account with same email account you used for signing up with Sherpa. 

  • Once you have created a WorkPro account, you need to upload or complete the following documentation:
    • Work Rights Check
    • Australian Police Check
    • Vehicle Insurance
    • Image of your driver or rider licence front and back
    • RSAT certificate (if you choose to complete alcohol jobs in NSW*)
    • RSA certificate (if you choose to complete alcohol jobs in WA*) 

*Note: ~85% of the alcohol jobs you will see on the Sherpa platform are same day alcohol jobs. These jobs will not visible to you if you haven't completed your RSAT/RSA


Once everything has been completed, your profile will be reviewed and our Sherpa Support team will reach out to you to advise of the status of your account.

Once you've been approved, you can immediately begin accepting and delivering jobs! 

Please note: Our Onboarding efforts are concentrated in regions with a demand for Drivers. If onboarding is currently inactive in your area, you'll be displayed a banner advising the same and your application will not be prioritised. Rest assured, we will contact you if the demand for Drivers in your location arises. 


If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to our friendly Sherpa Support.

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