What are food handling and safety requirements?

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When delivering any food item you must ensure the following actions are taken to adhere to Food Handling and Safety State, Territory and Federal policy and regulations.

Handling and Protection from Contamination
Ensure all food is packed well and unopened. Never open packed food, or touch open food. Please ensure you do not cough or sneeze over food packages.

Temperature Control
Chilled and hot food must always be kept in those conditions. Always carry food in insulated thermal bags to maintain temperature control and limit transport time to under 30 minutes.

What to Do:

  1. Deliver hot or cold food as fast as possible in an insulated thermal bag

  2. Keep your hands clean at all times

  3.  During the pick-up, make sure the order is well-packed, during transportation be careful not to spill.

  4. Make sure never to stack bags or non-cardboard boxes during transit! If you're unsure if you can stack the items, you can always ask the people at the pick-up location

  5. Keep your AC on at all times during the warmer months

Leaving Food Unattended 

When your food delivery (including cupcakes, pastries or groceries) have Authority to Leave (ATL), be sure to never leave them out in the sun! Always ensure you leave them in a shady spot.

Also, be sure to not stack food bags on top of each other. This may lead to potential cross-contamination of foods held in the bags.


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