Subcontracting of delivery services

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As a Sherpa driver, you're able to subcontract or delegate deliveries to staff. 

It's worth reading over the Sherpa Contractor Agreement before commencing the delegation of work to other drivers, as there are specific rules around this. 

You can read over the Sherpa Contractor Agreement here

Note that the Terms of Service of using the Sherpa Software ( also apply to subcontracting:

  • You will only use the Software and Service for your own use;
  • You will keep secure and confidential your account password or any identification we provide you which allows access to the Service.

This means that all of your subcontractors need to obtain their own approved Sherpa account for quality purposes and to comply with RSA regulations while operating under your business entity and ABN. You are not allowed to let your subcontractors use your account.

If the name and/or the profile picture of your subcontractor does not match with the name and profile picture displayed on the Sherpa account, you or your subcontractor might be refused to pick-up the delivery. You will not be compensated for this. 

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