How to safely refuse completing a delivery

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Before You Exit Your Vehicle:
  1. Assess your delivery environment.
  2. Do not exit your vehicle if you notice anything that might threaten your safety, such as intoxicated persons near the home or anti-social behaviour (e.g., someone jumping in front of your vehicle or knocking on the window loudly).
  3. Look out for any risks of secondary supply to minors, like young people around or L plates or P plates on cars near the delivery location.
  4. Consider leaving the alcohol in your vehicle until you verify the recipient's ID.

If you don’t perceive any immediate threat to your surroundings, approach the premises.


At the Door, Consider:

  1. Is the recipient displaying signs of intoxication?
  2. Are there young people around who could have access to the alcohol?
  3. Are there other intoxicated people in the house?

If you decide it is an unsafe delivery environment due to the above risk factors, you should not proceed with the delivery.


If You Must Refuse Delivery:

  1. Ensure you do so politely
  2. Remain calm and do not escalate the situation
  3. Allow a safe distance between yourself and the recipient


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