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You might have noticed our new offering: Deliver Immediately.
Below we cover your most frequently asked questions:

  1. What is Deliver Immediately?
  2. How can I recognise a Deliver Immediately delivery?
  3. Why are some deliveries Deliver Immediately and others are not?
  4. What does the yellow count down timer mean?
  5. How do wait times affect the Deliver By time for Deliver Immediately?

What is Deliver Immediately?

Deliver Immediately jobs will have to be delivered directly after pick up.
Don't worry, these are quick wins: the average duration of these jobs is only 15 minutes and often, cover a distance of 3.5 kilometres from pickup to drop off. 

How can I see if a delivery is Deliver Immediately?

You can recognise Deliver Immediately jobs on the clock icon displayed on the delivery details.


Why are some jobs Deliver Immediately and others are not?

Deliver Immediately jobs are booked by the Sender of the items under this proposition. So whether a job is Deliver Immediately, 1-hour, 2-hour or 4-hour etc. depends on what delivery timeframe the sender chose when booking this job.

What is the count down timer that is highlighted in yellow?


When an open job is overdue, the Deliver By time will be dynamic to reflect an achievable delivery window from the  time of acceptance. 

Once accepted, the Deliver By time is locked in, and as long as you complete the job before then, it will not affect your Late %.

Sometimes, even if you accept a job late, you might be able to deliver it within the original customer 'Deliver By' promise. Tap the yellow tag to see this original timeframe - if it's possible to meet this, please do! 


How do wait times affect the Deliver By time for Deliver Immediately?

 If you have a valid* wait time, the time you spent waiting at pick-up will be added to dynamic Deliver By time once you mark the jobs as "Set as Picked Up" (note: it may take up to 30 sec for the new time to show).

*Valid Wait Time mean that you were waiting after the Item Ready At time, your GPS location was ON and showing you were at the pick-up location during the entire waiting period.


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