I've been blacklisted from a store or business, what does that mean?

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Sherpa provides Driver Partners with the ability to perform deliveries for our clients, and with that comes a level of professional expectations.

A failure to perform at these standards can result in either the client requesting or Sherpa actioning a blacklist to Driver Partners who are engaging in undesirable behaviour. This means that the Driver Partner will no longer be able to see, accept or complete deliveries from the nominated store or business.


How will I know?

You will receive an email notifying you when a blacklist has been made in your driver profile. Whilst decisions made around blacklisting are thoroughly reviewed, if you feel you have been unfairly treated you can request a review by contacting support@sherpa.net.au


I'm a Driver Partner and I don't get along with the staff at a certain store or business, can I request a blacklist to avoid accepting their deliveries?
Yes! You can also request a blacklist, in order to remove stores or businesses from potential job offers.

Sherpa offers this as we want our Driver Partners to exercise choice and control;  we understand that you may want to refrain from offering services to a particular store or business and we respect that. To do this, contact support@sherpa.net.au.

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