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What is a Slot?

A Slot is a pre-determined time frame for completing assigned jobs with a guaranteed earnings amount. You can review details like the pick-up suburb, delivery area, item type, and expected job count before accepting a Slot.

With Slots, you can view and pre-book runs for the upcoming week, helping you plan your work and have a steady & stable income flow. 



What are the different types of Slots?

  1. Partner Slot: You’ll be assigned a run of jobs from a single business partner shortly before the pick-up time.
    MJ_Partner Slot.png
  2. Sherpa Slot: You’ll be assigned various jobs within a specific area for a specified duration. More jobs may be assigned during this period, so keep an eye on your app! 
    MJ_Sherpa Slot.png


How can I view and accept a Slot?

Slots appear as pink pins on the map. Tap the job card for details. You can also book Slots in advance. 



Event Day Slots have a special icon and appear the week of the event.



What are Slot reminders?

You'll receive a reminder one day before your scheduled Slot at 8 am, which must be confirmed within 4 hours, or the Slot will be unassigned. If confirmed, another reminder will be sent 1 hour before the pick-up time.


What should I do if I'm no longer available for a Slot?

Unassign yourself as soon as possible through notifications or within My Jobs. Unassigning within 2 hours of the start time will affect your unassignment rate.


What happens with Slot cancellations and overtime?

  • Cancellation: You'll be notified immediately if a Slot is canceled. If canceled within 2 hours of the start time, you’ll be compensated accordingly.
  • Event Day Cancellations: No compensation if canceled 12 hours before the start time. Compensation details will be in your Payment Summary and RCTI if canceled within 12 hours.
  • Overtime (Sherpa Slots only): If you are assigned more jobs than can be completed by the Slot end time, you’ll be compensated for additional time spent.


What is the payment policy for Slots?

Minimum guaranteed payment is given only if all assigned jobs during the Slot are completed. Payment may be withdrawn for damages, missing items, or if a Slot is unassigned halfway through.


Payment Summary 

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 1.01.17 pm.png


Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 12.59.24 pm.png


Tips for Mastering Slots and Meeting Expectations

Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 3.20.51 pm.png

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