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We understand that manual ETA requests can be a hassle. Use the 'On My Way' status to help us track your progress accurately, reducing the need to disrupt you when you're driving. 


Note: This feature will be released shortly and will require the latest version of the Sherpa Driver app. Keep an eye out for the app update! 

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When should I use the 'On My Way' status? 

Use 'On My Way' when en route directly to your next pickup or delivery location. 


Can I customise my map preferences with 'On My Way'? 

Absoutely! The first time you select 'On My Way', you can set your default map preferences. You can also adjust these preferences via Delivery Preferences page or long-clicking the 'On My Way' button. 

How does 'On My Way' benefit me as a driver? 

On My Way improves our tracking accuracy, helping to reduce the need for ETA requests and ensuring smoother coordination with our operations team. 


Can I cancel the 'On My Way' status? 

Yes, you can cancel 'On My Way' status through the temporary snack bar notification:

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Or, through the actions menu: 

On my way-15-1.png 


What if my preferred delivery isn't the first stop on my route? 

Even if the delivery isn't your first stop, you can still set 'On My Way' from the Delivery Details screen. If the delivery isn't part of your current route or is a newly added job, pop-up options will guide you. You also have the option to override a previously set 'On My Way' status, returning it to 'Assigned' or 'Picked Up'. 

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