How to Handle Return Deliveries with Sherpa

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If you find yourself in a situation where you need to return a delivery, here's what you should do:

  1. Assess the Situation: If you arrive at the delivery location and no one is available to receive the items, and you do not have permission to leave them unattended (ATL), you'll need to initiate a return delivery through the Sherpa app.

  2. Contact the Recipient: Before creating a return, make sure to call the recipient to confirm their availability. You cannot initiate a return delivery without attempting to contact them first.

  3. Time Management: Avoid waiting at the delivery location for more than 5 minutes unless instructed otherwise by Sherpa Support.

  4. Return Process: Drivers are compensated for return deliveries, but all returns are subject to review. If you initiate a return when the recipient is available or if ATL was provided and the items could have been safely left, you may not be paid for the unauthorised return. This could also result in a formal warning.

  5. Tool Requirement: Ensure you have the necessary tools, like a trolley, to complete the delivery before accepting the job. If you arrive at the drop-off location and cannot deliver the items due to lack of proper tools, you will not be paid for that delivery.

Return Conditions:

  • Contact Before Return: You cannot log a return delivery before attempting to contact the recipient.

  • Authority to Leave (ATL): If ATL is granted by the sender (never the recipient and not applicable for alcohol deliveries), you cannot return the items.

  • No ATL Provided: If ATL is not provided, contact the user who booked the delivery (never the recipient) to confirm if it's safe to leave the items in a secure place. Once ATL is given, inform Sherpa and do not return the items.

  • Unauthorised Returns: Logging an unauthorised return delivery means you will not receive payment for the return. Misuse of the return functionality may lead to official warnings or account suspension.

  • Same Timeframe: All return deliveries are scheduled within the same timeframe as the original delivery.

For further assistance, you can contact Sherpa Support through the live chat in the Sherpa driver app or by calling us directly.

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