The specified recipient isn't available. What should I do?

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For some deliveries, customers require the items to be delivered to a particular person. This means no one else can accept the delivery except for the specified recipient. Often these deliveries include age restricted items such as alcohol or tobacco items. 

If you arrive at the delivery address and the driver app indicates this is a specified recipient delivery, be sure to ask for the person the delivery is addressed to. Check their ID and follow the prompts on the driver app.

If the specified recipient isn't available, the delivery cannot be left at the address. We first recommend you first attempt to contact the recipient to see if they are close by or unaware you have arrived for delivery. 

If you cannot get in touch with the recipient or they are unavailable, the delivery must be returned to the sender. To do this, log a return on your driver app and follow the prompts on the driver app.

Please note, the timeframe for returns is determined by the timeframe for delivery. For example, if the order is a 2 hour delivery, this means you have 2 hours to return the order to the pick up address.

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