How to Identify Fragile Deliveries with Sherpa

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Knowing if a delivery is fragile is crucial because it requires extra care during handling. Here’s how you can check if an item is fragile once you've accepted a job:

  1. Open the Sherpa Driver App: Launch the Sherpa Driver app on your device.

  2. Navigate to My Jobs: Tap on "My Jobs" to view the list of deliveries assigned to you.

  3. Select the Job: Choose the specific delivery job that you want to check for fragile status.

  4. Check for Fragile Indicator: Look at the bottom of the screen for a green tick box labeled "FRAGILE," as shown in the screenshot below.


Want to learn more about handling these special care deliveries? You can find additional information here.

For any further questions or support, feel free to reach out through the Sherpa Driver app's live chat or contact us directly.

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