How do I check for item damages?

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Q: What should I do when receiving or handing over a delivery?

A: Before a delivery is handed over, you might be prompted by the Driver App to check for damages. This means you need to inspect the delivery to ensure it is in perfect condition before marking it as 'Picked-Up' or 'Delivered.'

Q: What should I do if I see visible damages or defects?

A: If you see any visible damages or defects, do not accept the delivery. Notify the Sherpa Customer Service team immediately.

Q: What types of damages should I look for?

A: Look for:

  • Visible dents, holes, or scratches in packaging
  • Broken and damaged goods (e.g., broken/shattered glass, broken flowers)
  • Open packaging that was previously sealed
  • Damaged barcodes on packaging boxes

Q: What if I'm unsure about accepting the goods?

A: If you're unsure, contact the Sherpa Support Team for advice.

Q: What happens once I accept a delivery?

A: Once you accept a delivery, you take full liability for the goods in transit.

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