I’ve broken or damaged an item, what should I do?

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Q: What should I do if I have damaged an item during delivery?

A: If you have damaged an item, do not complete the delivery. Contact us as soon as possible via the live chat in the Sherpa Driver app or call us and explain what happened. We will call the client and see what they would like to do.

Q: Will I get paid if I damage an item during delivery?

A: Depending on the situation, we may not pay you for the delivery and you may be asked to cover the costs for the damaged item.

Q: What happens if I tampered with the item's packaging and it got damaged?

A: If you tampered with the item's packaging and the item got damaged as a result, you will be held liable for the damages to the item.

Q: How can I reduce my liability for damaged items?

A: You can reduce your liability by getting transit insurance. We recommend all drivers research transit insurance to see if it is suitable for their business needs.

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