Considerations Before Accepting a Sherpa Delivery

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Before accepting a delivery, what do I need to consider?

Before accepting a delivery with Sherpa, consider the following:

  1. Delivery Timeframe: Can you complete the delivery within the stated timeframe?
  2. Return Capability: If needed, do you have time to complete a return for this delivery?
  3. Appropriate Attire: Are you dressed appropriately for Sherpa deliveries?
  4. Required Equipment: Do you have all the necessary equipment for this delivery?
  5. Handling Heavy Items: If the delivery involves heavy items, are you capable of handling them?
  6. Alcohol Deliveries: If the delivery contains alcohol are you comfortable delivering it?

Make sure to review all delivery details before accepting. If you're unable to proceed with a delivery after accepting it, contact Sherpa Support promptly.

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