What should I be wearing and how am I expected to behave whilst completing deliveries?

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As a Sherpa driver, we do not require you to wear a uniform, but you must always be dressed appropriately. This means dressing in a professional and clean manner. You are an ambassador for both your own company and for Sherpa's Clients' companies.

Here's a quick guide on what not to wear while delivering with Sherpa:




Behaviour is another key aspect of joining the Sherpa team. This one is simple – how would you expect a delivery person to behave towards you? Here are a few that we think are most important:


We know sometimes things can go wrong, and people can be unreasonable, but please try to keep your cool and keep communicating in a calm and respectful manner. If you have an issue that requires escalation, please get in touch with Sherpa Support as soon as possible either via live chat or phone.

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