How do I provide a Proof of Delivery (POD)?

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Before you mark an item as delivered, you will have to provide Proof of Delivery (POD). This POD is provided to the recipient and to the user who booked the job, to prove that you have delivered the item.

Due to Covid-19, Sherpa has employed a Contactless Delivery option. Therefore the Proof of Delivery is a little different. Here's a breakdown of how to provide POD with Standard and Contactless Delivery processes.

Contactless Delivery
Social distancing makes taking a signature a little difficult. Therefore Sherpa has amended the POD process to taking a photo to prove delivery. This is similar to the process followed when there is Authority to Leave (ATL). 

Take a photo of the items being delivered to the recipient, but be sure not to include their face or other distinctive features. This is due to the privacy of the recipient. 

Standard Delivery

For Standard Delivery, accepted Proof of Delivery is the name and signature of the person who accepted the items. If Authority to Leave (ATL) is provided, take a picture via the Sherpa Driver app of the items and where you have left them. Be sure to include a short description where you left the items. 

Not providing Proof of Delivery or providing incorrect Proof of Delivery may result in a warning, not getting paid for the delivery and getting charged for the items if they have gone missing.


Please note, forging a signature is a criminal offence by State and Federal law. 


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