Managing Item Quantity Discrepancies

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This is also known as Wrong Item Count.

What should I do if the item quantity in the app doesn’t match the number of items given to me?

If you have collected a delivery and notice that the item quantity doesn't match what is noted in the Sherpa App, follow these steps:

  1. Verify with the Sender: While you're at the pick-up location, ask the sender if the items you've collected are correct for the delivery.

  2. Take Photos of the Items: Take photos of the items you've received. These photos can serve as visual proof of the items collected.

  3. Contact Sherpa Support: If you discover the mismatch after leaving the pick-up location or during delivery, use the Live Chat feature in the Sherpa Driver app. The chatbot can assist you with handling wrong item counts without needing to wait in line to speak with an agent.


By verifying with the sender, taking photos of the items, and contacting support promptly, you can address any discrepancies in item quantity efficiently to ensure a smooth delivery and accurate payment.


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