I’m registered for GST. What do I do?

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All jobs displayed in the Sherpa Driver app are GST exclusive. This means you will be paid the GST of 10% on top of the price displayed on the app if you are registered for GST. 


New Sherpa Drivers

If you are registered for GST and now applying to work with Sherpa, we need to make sure we collect your ABN number. Once we receive your ABN number our system will conduct an ABN lookup and confirm you are registered for GST. 


Existing Sherpa Drivers

If you weren't originally registered for GST at the time of joining Sherpa but now are, you need to contact Sherpa Support as soon as possible. We will need to confirm the ABN was registered for GST with the Australian Business Register's (ABR) website. The ABR may take four to six weeks (or longer) to confirm. 


You can contact Sherpa Support via Live Chat in your Sherpa Driver app or by submitting a ticket in our Help Centre.

To view your GST obligations as a contractor in Australia, please click here

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