Understanding Surge Pricing and Points Multipliers

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What are surge pricing and points multipliers?

At times when there is high demand or challenging traffic conditions, Sherpa may increase the price or points for specific delivery jobs to support our driver community.


How can I identify surge pricing or points multipliers?

You'll notice a double chevron icon on the 'Find Jobs' page in the Sherpa app.




Why does Sherpa use surge pricing and points multipliers?

Sherpa uses surge pricing and points multipliers to incentivise drivers to take on deliveries during busy times or in challenging conditions, ensuring efficient service for our customers.


How do I benefit from surge pricing and points multipliers?

By accepting jobs with surge pricing or points multipliers, you have the opportunity to earn higher earnings or accumulate more points for rewards on the Sherpa platform.


Here's what Surge Pricing looks like: 


How does surge pricing affect earnings?

Surge pricing increases the base fare of a delivery job, which means you can earn more for completing jobs during high-demand periods.


Here's what Points Multipliers look like: 




How does the points multiplier work?

Points multipliers increase the points awarded for completing a delivery job. Points can be redeemed for rewards through the Sherpa platform.


How can I see if a price or points surge has been applied to the job?

To confirm if surge pricing or points multipliers are applied correctly, you can review your completed jobs in 'My Jobs' or 'My Job History'.  Jobs with Surge Pricing or Points Multipliers applied will show the tile indicated below - tap on it for more details. 


Surging_Jobs_04 (1).png


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