How to Unassign a Future Job

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I am no longer available to do a future job I've accepted.

If you can’t complete a job scheduled for later today or tomorrow, inform us immediately. This allows us to reassign the job to ensure timely delivery.


  1. Open My Jobs View:

    • Go to the 'Later' tab to see all future jobs you've accepted.
  2. Select the Job:

    • Click on the job you want to remove to access the job details page.
  3. Unassign the Job:

    • In the top right corner, click 'Unassign'.
    • Confirm the action when prompted, as this cannot be undone.
  4. Provide a Reason:

    • Select a reason for unassigning from the provided list and tap 'Done'. The job will be removed from your 'My Jobs > Later' view.
  5. Use Reminder Popup:

    • If you see a reminder popup, select 'Unassign' and provide a reason that best matches your situation.

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  • Contact Sherpa Support via phone or Live Chat for further assistance.


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