CBD Surcharge Policy

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Why is there a CBD surcharge?

Deliveries in CBD areas like Sydney (2000), Melbourne (3000), Brisbane (4000), and Perth (6000) present more challenges due to traffic, parking, and building security. Therefore, Sherpa applies a CBD surcharge to compensate for these difficulties.


When is the CBD surcharge applied?

The CBD surcharge applies to deliveries with either a pick-up or drop-off location in CBD postcodes. If both the pick-up and drop-off are in the CBD, the surcharge is applied only once.


Are there exceptions to the surcharge?

For deliveries ready after 1 PM local time, the CBD surcharge is doubled compared to those ready before 1 PM. This applies across all time zones (AEST, AWST, ACST, LHST).


Bulk Runs and CBD surcharges

In Bulk Runs, the CBD surcharge is capped at 10 deliveries. For instance, if you accept a Bulk Run with 15 CBD deliveries, only the first 10 will have the surcharge. The remaining 5 deliveries will not incur the CBD surcharge and will be charged at a lower rate.

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