Why am I not seeing any deliveries in the app?

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Sometimes you might not see many deliveries available in your Sherpa driver app.

Before you contact Sherpa Support, it is important to understand how notifications work and what are Sherpa's busiest operating days and areas. We've given you a quick breakdown below:

  1. Sherpas receive push notifications on their phones to let them know a job is available. Depending on where you are, you receive notifications at different times. For more information, click here.

  2. Some days and are busier than others. In general, our busiest days are Thursday and Friday and the busiest areas are the CBD's and the surrounding suburbs. 

  3. Please check if you have installed the latest version of the Sherpa driver app. To update your app, visit your Google Play Store or App Store, search for Sherpa Driver, and ensure you have the latest version.

  4. We recommend checking the speed and coverage of the mobile data providers in your area. It could be that other data providers provide faster service in your area.

  5. Please check if you're sharing your location with Sherpa. If you turn your location sharing off, you will only see notifications when the delivery gets opened to all drivers in your city. For more information, click here.

  6. Please check your notification settings in the Sherpa app and under your general setting phone settings. Ensure these are all enabled.

  7. Are you trying to accept deliveries in WA, VIC or NSW?
    • Please check if your address info is up to date and matches the state you are trying to accept deliveries in.
    • If this doesn't match, please update your address information. Due to additional regulations in these states, only drivers that have their home address set in that state will be able to see open deliveries.

If you have tried all the above steps and still believe there is an issue with your Sherpa driver app, please get in touch with Sherpa Support by submitting a contact ticket. 

Did you know we send a weekly Sherpa update email called our Llama Letter? Here we include more details and trends around the busiest areas and days. It's a must-read to earn more with Sherpa!

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