My delivery got cancelled by the sender. What does that mean?

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Sometimes these things happen. Senders change their minds for one reason or another and they need to cancel the delivery. 

When this happens, you will still be paid a certain percentage of the delivery. This amount depends on how far into the delivery you are, and how long it has been assigned to you. Below is a breakdown of what you can expect to earn on a cancelled delivery:

  • Within 5 minutes after you accepted the delivery: 0% - the client gets a full refund
  • Assigned/En route to the pickup location
    70% of the delivery fee up to $10
  • Close by or arrived at the pickup location
    70% of the delivery fee up to $20
  • Picked up/En route to the delivery location
    100% of delivery fee + return/redelivery fee may apply


If you have picked up the delivery already, please follow the prompts on your app to log a return. You will be paid for this time. 

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